Is assisted care on the horizon?

Do the math comparison:

Assisted care; a minimum of $32,000 a year and escalating.

Reside@HOME; $2,500 the first year, $1,200 the next year.

You and your parent’s independence; PRICELESS!
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Specifically designed for the unpaid Caregiver

  Caregiving does not have to be a solitary responsibility
We make it convenient for your siblings and family friends to actively contribute to your parents care by allowing them to provide more than a pat on your back or some occasional monetary support, regardless of the time or distance.
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  Are you overwhelmed at being your parent’s caregiver?
Reside@HOME provides all the participants involved with dignity, respect and independence, by fostering the care recipient in an empathetic and relaxed family caregiving environment.
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  It was time to talk to your dad about his failing memory
You finally mustered the courage to bring up assisted care and boy, is he seeing red. After all you tell him, you forget everything! Birthdays, your kid’s names, even paying bills on time. But have you considered that he still remembers “what to do”? He just forgot when to do it, or if it was already done? We can help you both. We offer a way for folks like you to help dad stay in his home a little bit longer. See Complete Details Here

  Our parents taught us to love our God & to live according to Christian values
They made us stronger with their experiences and wisdom.They gave us their understanding and support in hard times. Now they need us. Our counsel, company and gratitude. With your loving hand they can continue to live a lifelong dream; to age at home with dignity.
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Blue Heron Network's Reside@HOME is a patent-pending communication device that allows families to stay in contact with their aging loved ones and to assist them in staying independent for as long as possible. Reside@HOME can be extremely beneficial in keeping those with early stages of Alzheimer's and other neuro-degenerative conditions at home for as long as possible while maintaining their traditional lifestyle and enhancing the quality of their lives.

Reside@HOME also allows multiple family members or caregivers to have a hand in providing care whether you're a grandson or the care receiver's pharmacist. We achieve this by providing the care recipient with a continuous regiment of prompts and reminders that guide them through their normal daily activities. By utilizing Reside@HOME, the person providing care is able to coach the care receiver through an entire day of activities and obligations in a systematic, yet tactful manner, thus preserving the levels of compassion, respect, dignity and independence they desire.
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