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Living system also allows multiple family members or caregivers to have a hand in providing care whether you're a grandson or the care receiver's pharmacist.
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Blue Heron Network's Reside@HOME is a patent-pending communication device that allows families to stay in contact with their aging loved ones and to assist them in staying independent for as long as possible. Reside@HOME can be extremely beneficial in keeping those with early stages of Alzheimer's and other neuro-degenerative conditions at home for as long as possible while maintaining their traditional lifestyle and enhancing the quality of their lives. Learn More
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We had to find a better way. If we could not find one, assisted care was quickly becoming our primary solution. Our big issue was that it seemed to be too early to move her into assisted care. And even if we did, it would be too expensive for both of us. The insurance she carried would not help until her condition got significantly worse. We had not yet reached the level of dementia that requires us to provide her with medical management just to sustain her life. Now it was my turn to find something that would continue to help her. I continued to rethink the past year and realized that my wife’s original idea worked well and only became ineffective when we ran out of space and time. I went to work to find a way to improve on her concept.

A spark of an idea came along one night as I worked on my home computer. While I was performing my daily regiment of email replies and schedule management, I found myself asking what kind of a dry board could I design and build using today’s Internet technology. How could I provide a caregiver network access to a straightforward, manageable, flexible, cost effective, real-time “dry board” type device located at the care receiver home? It had to be a basic and simple device that did not require any computer skills and did not imply an aura of being distant or magic. The care receiver would have to trust the device as being an extension of the caregiver. The caregiver would use the device to provide the care receiver with regular and meaningful information which is easily understood and used effectively by them. That meant the caregiver would need to be able to personalize the device and the messages for the care receiver. I would have to provide tools to enhance their participation and to develop ownership. The network would not have any value if the device continually ended up in a closet or worse yet, with a butter knife sticking out of it. I put all of my thoughts to paper, developed the conceptual parameters for a working network and decided that it was beyond my current capabilities alone. I needed qualified help.

Not only did I find the help I needed but one of my new partners has a mother going through the same cognitive memory loss mine was experiencing. Luckily, it did not take long to find my partners. Within a week we began work to design and build our caregiver’s network. Just a week to start, but it took over a year to pull it all together. We now have a fully functional, working solution. Our concept, my wife’s idea and my vision, is now available for sale as a real product offering for caregivers as well as care receivers.

You might be asking yourself; why do they not have their own mothers using their system. The reason is a sad one. We worked diligently to perfect our solution. But during that time, both of our mother’s cognitive ability slipped even further. After four years of design and testing, our solution is now beyond their ability to understand its simple operation let alone to comprehend its purpose. They now both need physical assistance. Our solution cannot provide this level of care.

Well, now you know our story. We know the need is real and we have a unique solution no one else currently offers. We are seeking confirmation from folks like you that the Blue Heron Network is well on its way to become the solution that fulfills not only the needs of the care receiver but also those of the caregiver. After all, the desire and need for independence is mutual.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read our story. If you are interested please contact us anytime. We would be pleased to hear about how you are dealing with the challenges of becoming your parent’s caregiver. If agreeable with you, we would love to post and share you letter’s so others who find themselves in our unique situation can see they are not alone.

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